The California Bass Union (CBU)

CBU is a collaboration of Guides and Anglers working together to Develop, Share, and Grow fly fishing for bass species year-round in the State of California.

The California Bass Union was founded in 2018 by fly fishing guides, and dear friends, Hogan Brown and Chuck Ragan. While the idea had been in formation for a few years the two actually put it to work in the fall of 2018 by asking their good buddies and fellow fly anglers John Sherman, Ryan Williams, Alex Cady, and Matt Callies to help spearhead the venture.

The Union is founded on the principle that California is home to the best year-round multi-species bass fishing in the world, and very few fly anglers take advantage of it. The State of California has 4 distinct regions, the coast, the mountains, the Central Valley, and the desert and within each distinct region resides numerous microclimates creating unparalleled diversity.  World Record Spotted and Largemouth Bass, Migratory and resident populations of striped bass in rivers, estuaries, and lakes, as well as smallmouth bass in creeks, rivers, and lakes up and down the state create a true bass fishing paradise.

Our mission is simple: develop, share, and grow fly fishing for bass in our home state of California. We are not an outfitter, a fly shop, or a subscription service. We believe through educating and exposing the fly fishing and conventional fishing worlds to fishing for all bass species 12 months out of the year with a fly rod in California,  all businesses will grow. Guides will book more trips, fly shops will sell more stuff, and companies will make more money to produce cooler and better gear. By growing our sport we all benefit.

Take a look around our site - you might learn something new! Reach out to one of our members and book a trip on their local fisheries. Be sure to follow us on social media, or email the CBU with any questions.

Most importantly - go bass fishing with a fly rod!