Learn how to tie flies from Union Members and friends


Really cool idea for tying on Texas rig hooks. Great way to create weedless bait fish flies to swim through the weeds on floating or intermediate lines during the summer ounce Largemouth and even stripers began cruising and holding tight to the weeds.

As blue gill move around during the summer months they are food for ALL bass species that live near them…tying up a few blue gill flies for everything from Pond Largemouth to River and Delta Stripers is a great idea. Here is a cool pattern we found from Gunnar Brammer who ties some really cool custom flies.

Union Member Matt Callies ties a pretty simple and affective frog pattern in last weeks Loon Live session! Check it out for a great easy summer pattern

This videos shows how to Hogan’s version of a baby sucker fish clouser - olive over yellow. This fly is influenced by Andy Guibord and Maury Hatch.

In this video Hogan shows you how to tie a simple Float n' Fly Jig designed by Ryan Williams and Chuck Ragan. Check out both these guys online. www.crflyfishing.com www.flyfishcnv.com/

Matt shows how to tie a straightforward pattern that is fun to tie and comes together quickly. This baitfish pattern is perfect for anyone just getting started. Great bait fish pattern for all bass species.

In this video Hogan shows how to tie a bigger style rattle clouser for the CA Delta, CA River Stripers, and big bass lakes. Enjoy!

Matt shows us how to tie The SculpCraw!!! a fun little pattern that comes together more quickly than you might think. It uses a few materials, and they can be substituted or modified easily.

Matt ties a Blue gill imitation for driving those spawning bass crazy…blue gill bass bed INVADER!

West coast striper fishing calls for large and durable, but castable flies. We tie the Akimbo with a 1/0-3/0, 60 degree jig hook and heavy barbell eyes to give it a jigging motion. The body is mostly Farrar Blend which provides a big, easy to shape profile with movement.

Matt shows us how to tie a great baitfish pattern that is great for all bass species. This Baitfish is a great pattern to practice building fast, easy, durable heads using Loon Outdoors' UV Clear Fly Finish.

Ben Engle sits down to tie one of his favorite flies for fishing the San Francisco bay and Surf.