Cool New Product from .... wizards and magic fairies

If you fly fish for bass you also probably tie flies. While the commercial fly tying world aka. The people that tie flies and sell them to fly shops has really stepped up their bass game over the years most still tie their own or buy them from boutique tiers or small operations. SO when a really cool new product comes out that is designed by our resident mad scientist, Matt Callies, we have to share.

Matt designs a lot of the new products that come out through Loon Outdoors and is also one of the most creative tiers we know. If you have been working with many of the new resins that Loon makes aka UV Cure you know the game changers that this stuff has become for most fly tiers and creators. It has literally replaced epoxy and the old epoxy wheel. If you went full in on the UV Cure you even bought the powders that were made to mix in and create really cool “colored” epoxy…Now you probably tried this ounce and though damn this looks cool and is awesome but it is a PAIN in the but to mix, if any amount of air blows (even a deep breath) while the little container is open that powder goes everywhere and makes a horrible mess, it is a nearly impossible to mix up “just the right amount” of any given color, AND what do I do with all the resin that I don’t use!!!!

…Resulting in usually most tiers not using the colored powder resin that much.

Enter our mad scientist …. Matt with the help of guys in white coats and fairies has created colored UV Fly Finish…or colored resin that you dont have to mix. Check it out and stay tuned for more and more product reviews as we approach AFFTA IFTD…aka known as the fly fishing industry trade show.

Hogan Brown