Tales from the Water By Captain Mike Costello

Why Rattle Flies?
It seems like every Fly Angler that pursues Linesiders and Ditch Pickles is always searching for that next innovative, game changing, trophy producing fly pattern! Over 20 years ago a couple of my regular clients started tying rattles in their Whistler and Clouser Flies, and the results were amazing.

Flash forward to 2019, and 90% of the flies my clients and I use are flash tail rattle clousers in a variety of colors. In fact, the only time I fish non-rattle flies is when the fish I am targeting are keyed into smaller baitfish in clear water. As California Delta baitfish populations such as, Threadfin Shad, have declined over the last two decades, stripers and largemouth have targeted on the abundance of crayfish that thrive in the brackish water. Below the depths, a fleeing crawdad is often sending out noise and vibrations from its hard shell and snapping claws, making the flashtail rattle clouser, my go to fly!

Fish Hard, Mike


Fly Tiers

Check out your local fly shop for rattles to tie into flies or Tackle Ware House for a plethora of options LINK


Adachi Rattle Fly

Check out Lost Coast Outfitters to purchase some of the best rattle flies on the market LINK

Check out how Captain Hogan Brown ties his rattle clousers for California Rivers

Hogan Brown