Music is a critical part of fly fishing

…for the Union it is intertwined with everything we do. From playing and touring in bands to rocking out alone in the car on the way to the lake or river, music is part of everything we do. This page is where we share that part of what we do…from songs, to news, to shows, to reviews. Check it all out here


Hogan Brown is a touring musician as part of the band Royal Oaks out of Chico, CA. You can find their latest album “Downs and Ups” on Itunes or catch them on the road this winter.

Chuck Ragan is a international touring artist with his band Hot Water Music and his solo project AS WELL as being a founding member of the California Bass Union and Fly Fishing Guide.

Check out this video to see how he balances it all…

Essential Albums and Artist…

Capt. Hogan Brown

So here is my list…many different moods…many different drives…

Jason Isbell - Really any album. They all have songs for all moods. I would say my top albums are “Here we Rest” , “SouthEastern” , and my favorite “Something more then Free”. Now Live From Alabama and Live From they Ryman are pretty amazing live albums though as well. The beauty of Jason is he sings about relatable life situations in a very introspective way. Great music for wide open spring and summer drives to the river or ramp.

Arliss Nancy - These guys just plain rock. A great combination of punk, emo, alt country, southern, and just straight up Rock and Roll. My favorite albums are “Wild American Runners” and “The Great Divide”. Many these are the kinda of songs that make your fist pump and make the hair on the back of your neck stand up…sometimes even chills when what Cory Call sings register with those things you feel that you think no one else could possibly put into words.

Lucero - Now these guys are kinda the OG’s of the punk, indie rock, alt country, southern rock blending genre, so if you listen to Arliss Nancy and like them, these guys really started it all. A couple of my favorite albums (and they have a bunch of albums) are “1372 Overton Park”. “That Much Further West”. To be honest though ANY of their albums are GREAT! PLUS they have an AMAZING double Live Album.

American Aquarium (BJ Barham) - American Aquarium has had many incarnations but the consistent element is BJ Barham as the lead singer and song writer. The sound is very southern rock’ish with a touch road worn outlaw country vibe. In general it is just honest rock music about living on the road, growing up/older, and living in the south. My favorite albums are “Wolves” and “Burn Flicker Die” produced by Jason Isbell. Bj’s Solo album “Rockingham” is pretty damn good as well.

Royal Oaks

Chuck Ragan

Hot Water Music